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web playback broken

Joe Kott shared this problem 1 year ago

new install of bluecherry on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Testing before I buy.

Web playback of events does not work. Tested using Safari and Chrome in OS X, IOS, and Windows. Error occurs as such...

  1. Bring up list of events on web interface, select one
  2. Image is loaded, click to play
  3. "Error loading this resource" in red letters appears in upper left corner

Have checked file permissions. All seems to be in order.

Can download mov or mp4 without a problem. Playback of events using client works but playback via web is strongly preferred.

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wondering if any further work has been done. still having the issue with new hikvision rtsp cameras.


Sorry for overlooking your ticket for long time.

If my understanding is correct, then you have problem viewing RTSP stream of camera which uses MJPEG codec on iOS?



I did purchase an 8 camera license and so far, other than recorded event playback via web, I am pleased.

Server is installed on Ubuntu server 14.04. "normal" LAMP stack installed.

Please note I have retired the MJPEG camera so all cameras are new(ish) Hikvision RTSP.

Live view of cameras works without a problem in bluecherry web site using any browser on iOs. Live view via bluecherry site also works with browsers in Mac and M$ environments. Have not had an opportunity to test Linux.

I cannot view recorded events in any browser in iOS. I have tested chrome, firefox, and safari in iOs. For testing of recorded event playback on other platforms/browsers please see earlier message in thread. I have not had a chance to test M$ Edge functionality.

If you need more info to trouble shoot please feel free to reach out. Very interested in figuring out how to resolve this.


need any additional information?


Hey guys. I do have the same problem.