BC Capture card supposed to be recording at 704x480, saved video is all 352x240

Ryan Blakeslee shared this problem 1 year ago

I've got the BC 8 Port capture card, I have all 6 of my cameras set to 704x480.

The video saved from the client is half that.

Where do I go to get the full resolution video, or has it been recording at half resolution for months?

To double check, I changed each camera to 352 and then back to 704 to make sure it's not a display quirk where it's been set to 352 all along. Each change states the changes were saved successfully.

I looked back at some video saved from 11/2015, same camera, no changes to anything in the entire security system and that video was 704x480. Now apparently all cameras are 352 with no known changes in hardware or software, except for possible an update to the BC server software. I can't pinpoint when the problem occurred since we don't need to pull video that often.

Even after changing to and from the low res, the video is still being saved at 352 for new clips.

The only other thing that I think may be suspect is that I'm using the 'experimental' motion detection and there's an option that says "frame downscale factor" and it's default is .5, which I left alone when configuring the cameras.

Changed it to 1.0 just to see, didn't make a difference.

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Try to upgrade to 2.5.23 (the latest unstable version). solo6x10 cards will not use the experimental motion detection, so ignore that. Once you upgrade open each port and change the resolution to 352x240 then back to 704x480 and see if new files are the correct size or not.


I did do the upgrade and it seems to have resolved the problem, it's extremely unfortunate that it went unnoticed for so long, especially when we needed the footage.

Is the experimental detection only for IP cameras then?


Great, glad the problem is resolved.

The expermental detection is for IP cameras only, the analog cards use motion detection that is built-in to the card.